Corporate Finance PiP marketing document

This document answers most of the questions that would be posed by a marketing director. Corporate Finance PiP was developed for corporate finance professionals and their business development teams. Corporate Finance PiP engages existing clients and many thousands of new clients with unrivalled professionalism.

By initially utilizing existing editorial copy, you can immediately increase your client outreach, without consuming additional resources or your valuable time. As a free service Corporate Finance PiP will dramatically reduce your marketing budget expenditure.

What is Corporate Finance PiP?

Corporate Finance PiP is an online information service for corporate finance professionals.

Our concept is beautifully symbiotic. Great corporate finance professionals aspire to be recognized as thought leaders, not only by their peers but more importantly, amongst their clients. Corporate Finance PiP engages corporate finance executives who make strategic decisions and their advisers, such as lawyers and finance experts, who facilitate those decisions.

Why use Corporate Finance PiP? What does it solve? Our Research.

Firstly, we researched Morgan Stanley's Thought Leadership program because of its affinity with the Corporate Finance PiP concept. Their video presentations have wonderful production values, being both expensive and time consuming to produce. Once posted on the Morgan Stanley website, we tracked the return on investment. Most presentations had around fifty views!

This and subsequent research proved that very few clients ever visit company websites for news, articles or presentations. Ask your web tech for viewer figures on articles posted on your company website. Prepared to be dismayed. Corporate Finance PiP will reverse this dismal ROI by engaging thousands of new clients with your existing and new content.

Secondly, everyone at Corporate Finance PiP has extensive finance and legal media experience. Contributing to trade publications can be an exercise in talking to your competition. Corporate Finance PiP actively promotes your editorial directly to senior executive and their advisors. We are bursting media bubbles that encapsulate the corporate finance industry.

Finally, while working for Thomson Reuters and Euromoney Institutional Investor, we were consistently approached by marketing departments like yours, wishing to highlight their senior executives’ thought leadership. We had to refuse non-paid-for-content since it was antithetical to the business model. Corporate Finance PiP provides a professional information service for corporate finance thought leaders, all for free.

Does Corporate Finance PiP charge to subscribe?

No. It is completely free.

Does Corporate Finance PiP charge to contribute articles, news or presentations?

No. It is completely free.

Can I contribute content to Corporate Finance PiP?

We only permit submissions from a limited number of senior corporate finance propfessionals. Submissions are accepted on a first come basis.

What can I contribute to Corporate Finance PiP?

We are interested in editorial quality news stories, articles, video presentations and events. We do not accept marketing copy.

Does the editorial copy have to be unpublished?

No. Since content published on company websites or in trade publications have limited circulation, we accept previously published material. Publishing on Corporate Finance PiP does not consume additional marketing resources or your valuable time. This coupled with reaching thousands of potential new clients and costing you nothing, makes Corporate Finance PiP a significant marketing asset.

How do I submit my content to Corporate Finance PiP?

We are a friendly bunch at Corporate Finance PiP. We are here to help. Our editorial team can walk you through adding content or upload it on your behalf. The process is simple, intuitive and quick.

Who owns the content once it is published on Corporate Finance PiP?

You do. Throughout the publishing cycle, you retain complete control over your content with the ability to edit or delete it as you see fit.

How does Corporate Finance PiP control the quality of editorial submissions?

We utilize five steps to control the submission quality:

1. We only permit recognized corporate finance professionals to contribute editorial.

2. The editorial team checks new content.

3. We use a specialized editorial spam filter.

4. We use an algorithm we developed to rates editorial quality. Editorial that is well written scores highly and is displayed prominently, while marketing copy returns a poor score.

5. The contributor can easily flag content they find inappropriate, which is then reviewed by the editorial team.

What is the business model of Corporate Finance PiP?

Once we create a corporate finance community, we will deliver our meetings app. This application will help marketing departments build their own highly targeted client events. Our business model aims to reduce your event expenditure by 50%. Again this is great news for your marketing budget.

Editorial workflow

We have a number of editorial workflows designed to make the content submission process robust, intuitive and user friendly.

1. Contributors add and edit their content in draft format. Content in draft format is only visible to the author and our editorial team. Only when the author is completely satisfied with the work do they save it for publishing. Once saved for publishing, it will be visible to Corporate Finance PiP subscribers.

2. Corporate Finance PiP was developed for marketers by marketers. The marketing workflow permits them to add content on behalf of their law firm colleagues, as well as submitting their own content. The review process requires the colleague’s approval before editorial can be published.

3. There is a junior contributors workflow that requires approval from a senior colleague before editorial can be published. This permits junior colleagues to produce and publish editorial content with a mentor oversight review process in place.

N.B. At any time a contributor can edit or delete their content. Throughout the publishing cycle you retain complete control over your content.

Multilingual content

Corporate Finance PiP encourages content to be translated into your clients’ preferred languages. It is easy to add content translations. Our multilingual functionality further extends your marketing reach. We accept editorial created in English, French, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Russian and Chinese. We plan to offer more languages as requested.


Corporate Finance PiP enables you to promote your thought leadership to senior corporate finance clients. Thousands of potential clients will read your editorial on our professional corporate finance information service. It is easy to use. It costs you nothing. Unlock you inner thought leader and immediately connect with new clients.

Please contact me if you have any questions or would like a contributor site tour.

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